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Lovebirds Red Eye

Lovebird - Red Eye (Budgerigar - Lutino)


The Budgerigar is the most popular pet bird all around the world originated from Australia. The scientific name for this small, long-tailed, seed-eating parrot is Melopsittacus undulatus. This bird is locally known in Kerala as LoveBirds, but actual lovebird is a different species of bird and not budgerigars. Budgerigars are also known by other names like the common parakeet, shell parakeet and budgie. Budgies are very playful, always singing and active birds.

  • Common Love birds (Budgies) commonly have colour combinations of green and yellow or blue and white with black and grey markings. Picture:
  • Red Eye Yellow Love bird (Lutino Budgie) is a variety of lovebirds which are fully yellow in colour with red eyes. Picture:
  • Red Eye White Love bird (Albino Budgie) is a variety of lovebirds which are fully white in colour with red eyes. Picture:

Please call +919497303922 for more information about lovebirds. Both Budgies and Lutino Budgies (Rey Eye Lovebirds) are available for sale.

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Lovebirds Red Eye

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