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Alsta Hydrogel
1 ALSTA HYDROGEL is a potassium polyacrylate based super absorbent polymer manufactured by Chemtex Speciality Ltd. for agricultural sector. The granular polymer has a capacity to absorb water 300-500 times its own weight and release it gradually directly to the plant roots over a period. It is effective at reducing irrigation frequency, maintaining soil texture and permeability while ensuring proper and healthy growth of the plants themselves. It can be used conveniently with de-ionized and de-mineralized water to retain soil moisture as well as reduce use of synthetic NPK fertilizers. ALSTA HYDROGEL is non-toxic and does not bio-accumulate. Under proper soil conditions, it has a long working life without any adverse impact on the agro-ecosystem. It is an easy to use farmer friendly product compatible with a large array of soil types. It finds large scale applications in Open Field & Protective Cultivation, Terrace Farming, Vertical Farming, Domestic Gardens, Arboriculture, Bare Root Dripping, Hydro Seeding, Hydroponics etc.

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Alsta Hydrogel

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