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Farm manager

He should be able to manage all acticities in farm.

Rubber -Help to collect latex and dry sheet

Cow -All activities feeding, MIlking ,Mannuare cleanning(max 2 nos)

Goat-All activities feeding, Milking ,Mannuare cleanning(max 20 nos)

Agriculture-Take care of plants like Cocunut,Banana, Vegitables...

Other -Need attention on All area mangement .

Birds&Fish : - needs to pay attention for providing food for Birds & Fishes

Expectation: A family (male and female) can stay ,both should needs to work

MOnthly Pay : 15000(9500 for male and 5500 for female)

Stay: will provide with eletrified shead.

PLs contact :09962513322


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Farm manager

  • Views: 576
  • Location: Palakkad(Map)
  • Salary Type: Monthly payment
  • Date Added: 14-09-2018
  • Contact Number: xxxxxx Please sign in to view the number
  • Salary : ₹15,000

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  • Santhosh ,
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