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  • Somadas T M

  • Kannankulam Kalam
  • Elevancherry, Palakkad,Kerala,India
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  • Member since: 01/01/2019
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I am a Farmer from Elevanchery Gramapanchayath. Doing pesticide free paddy farming in 3 acre own and 14 acre lease land. 100+ coconut trees are grown in paddy land bunds. Organic vegetable growing is doing in one acre. Paddy is selling as seed to Kerala Agri University and Kerala State Seed Development Authority. Excess if any will be given to supplyco. Rice red bran, Rice powder, Rice flakes (raw and dry roasted) are making available to direct costomers. Pest and desease controll is done through bio controll measures. Organic vegetable is getting marketted through Eco shops. Also doing turmeric, ginger, black gram, sesame etc in small area. Fodder is grown for my cattle and excess is selling to near by farmers @ Rs 3.5/kg. Coconut is marketed to near by house holds as nuts as well as cocnut oil.

I am also handling experience sharing classes to farmers and related other persons. I am a faculty in Mahila Kisan Sasakthikaran Pariyojana, a GOI sponcered programme.

Thanks a lot to the team who had taken effort for this platform.

Thank you

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